The Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Implantology

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Patient Review by Frances K

For many years I have worn traditional dentures with each year becoming more and more difficult to enjoy many types of foods and eventually unable to speak with confidence. I decided to look into implants and was at first told nothing could be done for me because I had too much bone loss. That is until I met Dr. Echo, who said he would be able to help me with an implant-supported denture. I went forward with the procedure and it has been a life changing experience! I no longer have to hesitate and think about what I can and cannot eat; I can eat everything. I am no longer the only one eating fish while every one else is eating steak. I can speak with total confidence; I don’t hesitate to smile, again,it is life changing to be free of the restraints that come with traditional dentures

- Frances K

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Patient Review by Janet M

I had an extreme fear of the dentist. The level of care received by all was so calming. During the extraction of several teeth, I was asked what type of music I liked. The country music played and the singing began. I never thought I would be laughing in a dental office. I will definitely recommend Dr. Echo.

- Janet M

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Patient Review by Ed P

Needed to have a crown and the tooth extracted and Dr. Echo and his staff took care of the issue in know time at all.I would highly recommend them,THUMBS UP

- Ed P

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Patient Review by Rich B

Phil Echo is a great oral surgeon who obviously enjoys his work. He is that rare combination of a first class surgeon and a caring person. I recommend Dr Echo most highly to people looking for a professional that always puts the patient's comfort and wellbeing first. A truly special person in today's world. His excellent staff and leading edge equipment all help to make your visit memorable. I refer my family and friends knowing they will be as happy with Dr. Echo's work as I was.

- Rich B

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Patient Review by Barbara P

Dr. Echo and his staff made my experience surprisingly pleasant. I must admit that I expected the worse but because of their joint efforts for my comfort and safety, everything went well from the onset and I was never worried or frightened. They took the time to listen to my fears and concerns and made me feel completely relaxed and confident. Because of Dr. Echo's exceptional expertise, my surgery went quickly and painlessly and the healing process has mirrored it. I would recommend Dr.Echo 100%... more if I could.

- Barbara P

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Patient Review by Fran K

I will be forever grateful to my dentist for sending me to Dr. Echo, and I will be forever thankful that I went. For years I had been told that nothing could be done, other than traditional dentures because of significant bone loss. However, Dr. Echo was the first to offer hope that implants could be successful. Not only were the implants successful, but they were life changing. For the first time in more than 40 years I did not have to make decisions and think about the consistency of food before choosing what to eat. While getting my throat checked during a physical, I could open my mouth wide without the embarrassment of dentures moving around. No more concerns about dining out! And I had forgotten how delicious cashews are, no more worrying about pieces getting under the denture. There are so many “adjustments” to life and living as it was meant to be that I had to make in order to accommodate having traditional dentures; it is life changing to be free of those restraints. The actual experience of getting the implants was another positive I had not expected. Dr. Echo and his staff make the whole procedure from beginning to end a pleasant one. From the moment you walk into the office you can sense the friendliness and professionalism. I highly recommend Dr. Echo if you are considering implants or any other surgery in his area of expertise.

- Fran K

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Patient Review by Tyler M

Dear Dr. Echo and Staff: Ok, let's be honest. Having four decayed wisdom teeth removed is no fun. Making arrangements to do it for your 23-year-old who lives in Connecticut adds a different kind of wrinkle. But Dr. Echo and his office team were amazing. They gladly rearranged their schedules to accommodate his. On the day of the surgery, Dr. Echo was friendly, confident, reassuring, joking and candid. My son wanted to be knocked out for the procedure. Dr. Echo advised against it, saying he didn't want us to spend $900 unnecessarily and that my son would be better off without it anyway. The surgery was completed, swiftly and without complication, and Ian's recovery was uneventful and relatively pain free. Some people are laid out for a week. Ian was back to his usual activities the next day. If I ever need oral surgery, I would only use Dr. Echo and his excellent team. Tyler M

- Tyler M

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Patient Review by Mary P

I give my highest recommendation to The Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery & Implant Center. The office staff is warm and welcoming. Dr. Echo and his staff are true professionals who explain the procedure they are doing and give you thorough, complete instructions for aftercare. If you are nervous or hesitant, they will put you right at ease. If you have need of their services, you will be pleased with the results.

- Mary P

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Patient Review by Patti N

Dr echo was friendly and professional. He took time to explain the procedure. He played my favorite music during the procedure! I felt well taken care of I would recommend him to my friends and family

- Patti N

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Patient Review by Adele G

This was my first time having a tooth pulled by Dr. Echo and while I was very, very apprehensive, Dr. Echo, Liz and Maddie helped to make the experience a truly painless one. It was so painless that I am going back in two weeks to have another tooth pulled. Thank you Dr. Echo for your patience, understanding and kindness.

- Adele G

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